• Envelope Addressing

    Ready to "wow" your guests from the moment they open the mailbox? Consider hand addressed calligraphy envelopes to set the mood for your message right away.

  • Place Cards

    Traditional paper cards to monstera leaves, let's bring some excitement to your seating arrangement.

  • Spot Calligraphy

    Have the perfect invitation or menu, but want to add a bit of pizzaz with calligraphy? We can do that.

Custom Greeting Cards

The way you feel about people is not one-size-fits-all, so why should your card be?

Together we can devise a memorable concept to celebrate that certain someone. Inside jokes, puns, special interests, memories, etc. are welcome.

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  • Signs

    Handwritten acrylic, chalkboard, or wood signs for weddings, events, and businesses.

  • Keepsakes

    If you have a special heirloom piece you would like to commission please contact me to discuss your vision.

  • Decor

    Frame-able sentiments comprising of quotes, calligrams, family mottos, and more.



The world of calligraphy has much to offer, from bouncy modern to traditional Engrosser's Script. If you've looked around Pinterest, you know this.

Ebullient Marks provides several script options to meet your needs. I specialize in Copperplate and Blackletter. Please see below for examples of each. If you have a different script in mind, let's talk and we can find a solution that fits your design.

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